Is your car or truck experiencing any of the following

transmission problem symptoms?

- Check Engine Light On (or Service Engine Soon)

- Loss of power

- Erratic or improper shifting
- Gear shift handle sticks or gets stuck

- Leaks – you notice fresh fluid leaks under your vehicle
- Vehicle moves or jerks when in Park or Neutral
- Strange smell coming from under the hood or vehicle
- Strange Noises – clicking, knocking, screeching, buzzing, whistling, clanking or grating
- Slipping – the engine races, but the vehicle moves slowly or won’t accelerate properly
- Stalling
- Doesn’t go – you place your gear shift lever to “drive” and nothing happens
- Doesn’t reverse – vehicle doesn’t move when gear shift lever is set to “reverse”


Transmission Diagnostics

We always complete a full diagnostic scan, fluid levels are checked and we take your vehicle on a  road test to ensure you get the right information about your transmission the first time.

Transmission Repair

We utilize new, used and rebuilt transmission parts to service all makes and models. During repair we correct all fluid levels and only the necessary repairs are done, saving you time and money!

Transmission Promise

We will ensure that you are informed of all repairs, feel comfortable with all costs and will stand behind our product and service.